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Welcome to our course site! Most activities for our class will take place here. To navigate around the site and to other places you might need to go, check out the menu tabs above and/or the links below.

Several Students Have Asked Me To Make the Website More Streamlined. Here are direct links to everything we are working on right now.

Unit 3 (Natural Sciences) Overview
Week 9 (10/19-10/25) Detailed Instructions
Week 8 (10/13-10/18) Detailed Instructions

Unit 2 (Humanities Criticism) Overview
Week 7 (10/5-10/12) Detailed Instructions
Week 6 (9/29-10/4) Detailed Instructions
Week 5 (9/21-9/28) Detailed Instructions

Unit 1 (News) Overview
Week 4 (Sept 14-20) Detailed Instructions
Week 3 (Sept 8-13) Detailed Instructions
Unit Project Instructions
Unit Reflection Instructions

Some Stuff On This Site

Student Posts (view just things that you and your classmates have written here)
Instructor Posts (if you’re not sure where to find something I’ve written on the site, go here to see all posts by me)

The Course Schedule page will show you a calendar for the entire semester. To view specific instructions of all activities for each week/unit, mouse over Course Schedule and then click on the subpage for the corresponding unit.

On the Resources page, you will find a list of John Jay offices designed to support students, as well as links to all of the training videos I have made for you so far. I will add more things to the Resources page as the semester continues.

Stuff in Other Places

Book Appointments With Me
I have appointment slots available for Monday mornings/midafternoons, Thursday evenings, and Friday mornings. My hope is that at least one of these windows will work for your schedule. If not, email me and we can set up another time that is convenient for both of us.

On days when Optional Zoom Class lasts longer (which will just depend on who attends/what we end up discussing), the appointments that overlap with class time are not available.

These are NOT drop-in hours, because then I would be sitting probably-alone in a Zoom for 5 hours a week every week. Please book an appointment in advance.

Zoom Links

Class (Monday mornings at 10:50am, except for Mondays when CUNY is closed for holidays.)
Monday Appointments (except for some Mondays, see above)
Thursday Appointments
Friday Appointments (about half of the Fridays this semester– I am NOT available for appointments on  9/11, 9/18, 10/9, 10/16, 10/30, 11/27, and 12/4 due to obligations for my other job + a couple CUNY holidays that fall on Fridays)

No Optional Zoom Class or Appointments on the following Mondays: 9/7, 9/28, and 10/12 (all holidays)

Sometimes, the university designates certain days to function as other days of the week. (The purpose is to make up for holidays so that every Monday class, every Tuesday class, etc. meets the same number of times.) There are a couple times this semester when I will offer appointments and Optional Zoom Class on other days of the week because they are effectively “CUNY Mondays.” These are:

Tuesday, September 29 (CUNY Monday)
Wednesday, October 14 (CUNY Monday)


Check your grades and submit private writing here.

Course Groups

CUNY Commons Course Group (join here so you can post onto this site!)
Hypothes.is Class Group (join here so you can post shared annotations)